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Current Affairs September 01-09-2023 to 09-09-2023.

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1. India’s First Solar Mission ADITYA-L1 Launched

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Launched India’s first solar mission ADITYA-L1 on the polar satellite launch vehicle(PSLV-XL) from Sriharikota launchpad on 2nd September, 2023. Union Minister Jitendra Singh Called it as India’s Sunshine Moment. The Satellite was placed successfully into the intended orbit. It has started its journey to the destination of Sun-Earth L1 point. The spacecraft shall be placed in a Halo orbit around the L1 Point of the Sun Earth system.ADITYA-L1 is the First space-based Indian Mission to study the sun.

2. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers gets Navratna status

Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers (RCF) an Indian Government–owned Enterprise Headquartered in Mumbai was Granted “Navratna Status” by the Department of Public Enterprise.

The Department of Public Enterprise (DPE) Granted “Navratna Status” upon Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers (RCF). Navratna Constitute is a group of public sector firms Endowed with the financial independence to Invest up to Rs 1000 crore without necessitating approval from the Central Govt. The company had attained “Miniratna Status” from the Department of Public Enterprise.

Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers (RCF)is a leading Fertilizer and chemical manufacturing company in India in the public sector. It was Established on 6th March 1978 on the Reorganization of Erstwhile Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd into five new companies, Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCI), Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation Limited (HFC), Projects and Development India Limited (PDIL), National Fertilizer Limited (NFL), Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers (RCF)

The vision of RCF is to be a world-class corporate in the field of fertilizers and chemicals with a dominant position in the Indian market, Ensuring optimal utilization of resources, taking clue case of the Environment, and maximizing the value of stack Holder’s.

3. The 43rd ASEAN Summit Begins in Jakarta

The 43rd ASEAN summit begins under the leadership of President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, commenced on September 5.

President Joko Widodo extended a warm welcome to the heads of state and government participating in the 43rd summit of the Association of southeast asian Nations (ASEAN) in Jakarta. The 43rd ASEAN summit is hosted by Indonesia. The summit commenced on a note of unity and cultural celebration. Delegates gathered to sing the ASEAN anthem, symbolizing their shared commitment to the regions prosperity and stability.

The 43rd ASEAN summit discusses several important themes as the code of conduct regarding the South China Sea, the Southeast Asia nuclear weapon free zone (SEANWFZ), the ASEAN maritime outlook, the ASEAN outlook in india-pacific (AOIP), and issues related to Myanmar. The summit will also produce several important agreements, such as agreements related to ASEAN infrastructure strengthening, food security, blue economy, and green economy, as well as the digital economy and payment ecosystem.

4. Law minister launches Tele-law 2.0

The Union Minister of Law and Justice recently launched Tele-law 2.0, a revamped version of the Tele-law program.
The initiative operating under the DISHA Scheme by the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, aims to provide free legal aid to the rural and marginalized sections of society through video conferencing.
The Tele-law was launched by the govt of India to provide legal assistance and advice to citizens, Especially those Residing in Rural and Remote areas,who have limited access to legal services, the initiative utilizes Technology to Bridge the gap between citizens and legal professionals, making legal aid accessible to all.

Key Features:-
Legal Awareness: Tele-law Emphasizes legal awareness and Education Empowering Citizens to navigate legal matters Effectively.
Pro Bono Services: Legal Professionals are encouraged to provide Pro Bono Services, Ensuring that individuals who cannot afford legal representation receive the necessary assistance.

5. President Inaugurates,12-feet Mahatma Gandhi statue, ‘Gandhi Vatika’ near Rajghat.

President Draupadi Murmu inaugurated a 12-feet statue of Mahatma Gandhi and a ‘Gandhi Vatika’ near Rajghat on September 4.

The initiative, Organized by the Gandhi Samiti and Dharshan Samiti, carries immense significance as it coincides with India’s celebration of 75 years of independence as its tenure as the G20 Presidency. The statue serves as a prignant tribute to the father of the Nation Who played a pivotal role in India’s struggle for independence through non-violent means.

6. Satyajit Majumdar Honoured with Dr.V G Patel Memorial Award 2023.

Professor Satyajit Majumdar dean of the School of Management and Labour Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)Has received the Dr. VG Patel Memorial Award -2023 for entrepreneurship Trainer, Educator, and mentor is for his work in promoting and strengthening Entrepreneurship in India.

7. Tharman Shanmugaratnam won Singapore Presidential

Singapore Indian Origin Ex-minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam wins the presidential Election. He defeated two contenders. He Secured 70.4 % of the votes while the other two scored 15.7 and 13.88 %. He has served as Deputy minister from 2011 to 2019 Mr. Shanmugaratnam acknowledged the “ CHANGING AND EVOLVING” Nature of Singapore, notably its diversity and said the believes the election was seen as another milestone in that process of evolution. He joined politics in 2001 has launched his campaign for the polls in July and promised the country to evolve the country’s culture to keep it a ‘Shining spot’ in the world.

8. DSC A20 Launched at Kolkata

DSC A20, The first ship of the five diving support craft project was launched at Titagarh Kolkata onto the Hooghly River. The launch ceremony was presided over by VAdm Sanjay Mahindru. He launched the ship with an invocation from Atharva Veda.

These ships are designed to undertake operations in harbors and coastal waters. They are 30m long Catamaran hull Ships, with a displacement of approx 300 tons. All five DSCs are anticipated to be delivered to the Indian Navy in FY 2024-2025.

DSC Is being filled with state-of-the-art diving Equipment and tools for performing diving operations. These ships are indigenously designed and built under Relevant naval Rules and Regulations of the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS).
The Hydrodynamic analysis/model testing of the ships during the design stage was undertaken at the Naval Science And Technology Laboratory(NSTL) Visakhapatnam.

9. RAMBHA Completed First in Situ Measurement of Lunar plasma

The Radio Anatomy of Moon Bound Hypersensitive ionosphere and atmosphere- Langmuir probe (RAMBH-LP) Payload onboard Chandrayan 3’s Vikram Lander completed In situ Measurements of the surface-bound Lunar Plasma Environment over the south polar Region.

Langmuir probe is a device used for characterizing a plasma. It features a 5cm metallic spherical probe mounted on an I-meter boom attached to the Lunar’s upper deck. The probe Operates without interruption, aiming to explore the changes occurring in the near-surface plasma Environment throughout the Lunar Day. These ongoing Observations hold significant implications for comprehending the process of charging within the lunar Near-surface Region, particularly in response to the fluctuations in solar space weather conditions.

Development of RAMBHA-LP Was led by Space Physics Laboratory (SPL), Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSCC), Thiruvananthapuram.

10. Strategic Disinvestment of IDBI Bank

The government of India Recently invited a Request for Proposal (RFP) To engage an asset valuer for the strategic disinvestment of IDBI Bank. The valuer is Required to follow three-Principles-Income Approach, Market Approach, and Cost Approach for valuation.

The strategic Disinvestment would imply the sale of a substantial portion of the government Shareholding of CPSE Of up to 50 %. The DIPAM on Behalf of GOI And LIC wishes to Engage the services of asset value entities Registered with IDBI To act as Asset valuers for undertaking the IDBI Asset Valuation.

11. India’s First AI School Launched in Kerala

India’s first AI school has been launched in Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, but
Contrary to speculation, it does not replace human teachers with Chat GPT.
While the school leverages AI for an Innovative learning experience, the importance of traditional teaching roles and human interaction remains crucial.

India’s first AI School Santhigiri vidyabhavan, has been launched in Kerala. The School Utilizes AI Technologies to enhance the learning experience. The AI School offers Resources, Guidance and preparation for exams. The school was Inaugurated by former President Ram Nath Kovind. It Involves the integration of AI Technologies, such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and data analysis, into various aspects of education, including Curriculum design, Personalized learning, Assessment, and Student support.

12. Missing Continent Zealandia Discovered

After 375 Years of speculation and exploration, Scientists have finally confirmed the existence of a missing continent known as Zealandia. This Continent is Approximately 1.89 million square miles in size and was once part of an ancient supercontinent called Gondwana.

The Existence of Zealandia was first recorded in 1642 by Dutch Businessman and Sailor Abel Tasman, who was on a mission to find the “Great Southern Continent” or Terra Australis. It is located in the South Western Pacific Ocean primarily to the east of Australia and to the south of New Caledonia.

The part of Zealandia that is above water forms the foundation of New Zealand’s North and South islands as well as the Island of New Caledonia.

13. AI to clean Umiam Lake

The Meghalaya Government is planning to use an AI-powered robotic boat to clean the scenic Umiam Lake which is being Ravaged by plastic waste. The Meghalaya Government adopted this AI Robotic technology to keep its tourist Hotspot, Umiam Lake, free of Pollutants.

The AI-powered boat has the capacity to gather as much as 15 liters of oil and 200 Kilograms of floating refuse daily, thus making it an economical method for effectively removing waste. The Batteries are charged via Solar panels at the on-land docking station. It is a part of the Meghalaya Government’s Smart Village initiative under which the AI-enabled Robotic boat was recently deployed in collaboration with a Non-Profit
Organisation called Smart Village Movement (SVM).

The Umiam lake is one of the Biggest Artificial lakes in Meghalaya. It was formed after a dam was constructed to Generate Hydroelectric Power in 1965.

14. Oldest Fossil Of Plant Eating Dinosaur Found

Scientists from IIT-Roorkee and the Geological Survey of India(GSI) have discovered the oldest fossil remains of a long-necked, plant-eating Dicraeosaurid Dinosaur in Jaisalmer, suggesting that India was a major center of Dinosaur evolution.

The New species, about 167 Million years old has been named Tharosauras Indicus referring to the Thar Desert of western India from where the fossils were found. The fossils were found by Triparna Ghosh, Pragya Pandey, and Krishna Kumar from GSI. The GSI is Under the Ministry of Mines and one of the oldest organizations in India. Its Headquarters are located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

15. Vijayawada Gets IGBC’s Green Railway Station Certification

Vijayawada Railway Station was awarded the Green Railway Station Certification with the highest Rating of platinum by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) For its efforts in improving environmental standards and providing Eco-Friendly services to Passengers. It is the second Railway station in the South Central Railway Zone after Secunderabad to have bagged the platinum rating. The IGBC developed the Green Railway Stations Rating System to facilitate the adoption of Green Concepts and enhance the overall experience.

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