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Railway Govt Jobs Recruitment 2024 | Explore Indian Railway Govt Jobs!

In Indian Railway Govt Jobs, explore various job opportunities! Employment possibilities for applicants are varied and offered by Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) and Railway Recruitment Cells (RRCs) across the nation. Government Railway Jobs employs people with a variety of skill sets, from entry-level jobs to managing ones. TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner), track maintainer, goods guard, and ASM(Assistant Station Master), ALP(Assistant loco Pilot) are among the frequently held jobs. Make sure that you never miss an opportunity to start a fulfilling adventure in one of the largest railway networks in the world by staying up to date with our platform for the most recent notifications. Save this page to receive the most Latest Railway Jobs Notifications Updates Daily.






(RRC) Railway Recruitment Cells in India!

The recruiting and selection procedure for Group ‘D’ posts in Indian Railways is commonly referred to as the “Railway Recruitment Cell” (RRC) in India. Recruitment of candidates for both technical and non-technical posts in Group ‘D’ categories is the main objective of Railway Recruitment Cells, which function at the divisional level.

Following are a few of India’s most significant Railway Recruitment Cells:

·         RRC Eastern Railway·         RRC South Central Railway
·         RRC East Central Railway·         RRC South Eastern Railway
·         RRC East Coast Railway·         RRC South East Central Railway
·         RRC Northern Railway·         RRC South Western Railway
·         RRC North Central Railway·         RRC Western Railway
·         RRC North Eastern Railway·         RRC West Central Railway
·         RRC North Western Railway·         RRC Southern Railway

(RRB) Railway Recruitment Boards in India!

India’s Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) are in charge of recruiting and selecting candidates for various railway zones.

·         RRB Ahmedabad·         RRB Guwahati
·         RRB Ajmer·         RRB Jammu-Srinagar
.          RRB Allahabad (now Prayagraj)·         RRB Kolkata
·         RRB Bangalore·         RRB Malda
·         RRB Bhopal·         RRB Mumbai
·         RRB Bhubaneswar·         RRB Muzaffarpur
·         RRB Bilaspur·         RRB Patna
·         RRB Chandigarh·         RRB Ranchi
·         RRB Chennai·         RRB Secunderabad
·         RRB Gorakhpur·         RRB Siliguri

Indian Railway Jobs Group Wise:-

Indian Railways Provides various job opportunities through different groups or categories. The Indian Railway jobs are Classified into groups like Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Each group corresponds to different levels of responsibilities and qualifications. Here’s a brief overview of the groups. The application process may differ based on divisions and railway zones. For convenient access, consider using the railway jobs apply online option.

Group – A

Group A Indian Railway jobs are prestigious and high-ranking administrative positions within the Indian Railways.

  • Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
  • Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE)
  • Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE)
  • Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME)

Group – B

Group B Indian Railway jobs are mid-level managerial and technical roles in the railway system, including of both gazetted and non-gazetted positions.

  • Section Officers (Accounts) in the Indian Railway Accounts Department
  • Section Officers (Legal) in Railway Protection Force (RPF)
  • Assistant Security Commissioner in Railway Protection Force (RPF)

Group – C

Group C Railway Jobs Notifications which includes both technical and non-technical roles, make up a major portion of the workers. These positions are crucial to the Indian Railways’ everyday operations.

  • Assistant Station Master (ASM)
  • Goods Guard
  • Ticket Collector (TC)
  • Commercial Apprentice (CA)
  • Traffic Apprentice (TA)
  • Junior Clerk-cum-Typist
  • Senior Clerk-cum-Typist
  • Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC)
  • Junior Time Keeper

Group – D

Group D Railway Jobs Notifications were categorized as belonging to the lowest organizational group.

  • Track Maintainer Grade IV
  • Helper/Assistant in various departments
  • Assistant Pointsman
  • Porter


1. What is the Full form of RRB & RRC?

RRB stands for Railway Recruitment Board. Under the Railway Recruitment Control Board, the Ministry of Railways controls the RRB.The RRB handles the Government railway jobs recruitment of the Group C category.
RRC full form is Railway Recruitment Cell. The RRC handles the recruitment of the Group D category.

2. What types of positions are in the railway sector?

The wide range of Government railway jobs includes administrative, engineering, and loco pilots along with station masters.

3. What educational qualifications are required for Government railway jobs?

The educational requirements for various railway positions vary. Technical jobs sometimes call for particular qualifications, Like B.Tech, M.tech etc.. but certain roles may require a high school certificate like 10th, 12,th, and Diploma. Before applying, check job alerts for particular requirements.

4. What is the selection process for railway jobs?

Depending on the employment requirements, the selection process usually consists of written exams, interviews, and sometimes physical or skill-based testing.

5. How many Railway Zones in Indian Railways?

Indian Railways has divisions inside divisions, which are further divided into zones. Each division has its own divisional headquarters. There are 18 zones (including Kolkata’s Metro Railway).

6. How can I apply for railway jobs?

Usually, applications are submitted online via authorized websites or the official Railway Recruitment Board website. Observe the application requirements specified in the job advertisement. Mostly Indian Railway Jobs Apply Online Process.

7. What is the Fastest Train In India?

Vandhe Bharth Train is the Fastest Train in India. with a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph).

8. What is the Largest Railway Station in India?

Howrah railway station (Howrah Junction) is the Largest Railway Station in India. It is Located in West Bengal State. Platforms-23, Tracks-25.

9. When Was the railways Established?

The first steam operated railway operated in 1837 in Madras with the first passenger operating in 1853 between Bombay and Thane. Bombay had the first electric train operate on DC traction in 1925.

10. what is the Total Strenght of Employees in Indian railways?

Nearly more than 1.2 million employees, it is the world’s tenth-largest employer.